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$600 bonus for 6th place 305 and 410 A Main finisher at Fremont Speedway 4/27 in memory of Doug Berger

We have a VERY special bonus this Saturday night at Fremont Speedway as we remember Doug Berger #sandysdad Sandy Berger, along with Automatic Fire Protection and Velocity Print Co. will present the 6th place A Main finishing driver in the AFCS Sprint Series 410 A Main AND THE AFCS Sprint Series 305 A Main a $600 bonus!! You ask why 6th place? Doug Berger's favorite sprint car driver was Bill Rose and Bill runs the number 6 car so it's only fitting to award Doug's favor numbered sprint car driver with the 6th finishing position. Sandy will present this award to the recipients after the 305 A Main Saturday night. Thank You Sandy, Automatic Fire Protection and Velocity Print Co for helping remember #sandysdad

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